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50 Fascinating Case Studies (Volume I)

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Year 2022

Clinical Examination Books

Volume 1

This book contains 3 systems:
(A) Cardiovascular System
(B) Respiratory System
(C) GAstrointestinal System

Volume 2

This book contains 3 systems:
(A) Neurological System
(B) Endocrine System
(C) Hematological System


A clinical handbook developed for the undergraduate medical students. It may also aid the health care practitioners handling paediatric cases

There are 11 chapters divided according to the systems to be examined

Information about relevant history to be documented, examination pertaining to the particular system and clinical signs to look out for

Handy tips to make the babies and children feel comfortable during examination

Handy size so that it can be carried in the pocket of students’ white coat to be referred repeatedly

Total of 71 illustrations and 103 color images to clearly demonstrate the examination technique and anomalies to look out for

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Primer of ECG

This book is developed for doctors and medical students with collaboration with pharmacist

It includes the explanation and description of different types ECG as well as the ECG interpretation accordingly.

This book is your best companion for easier referral and study.

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Choo Xin Hui
Choo Xin Hui
Medical Students / Houseman
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"The contents of the ebooks are excellent! With softcopy, it makes it more convenient to browse through the notes especially while we are in the hospital. Examination videos are really helpful too. Looking forward to more books and examination videos."
Medical Students / Houseman
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"Dr. Joseph's clinical examination books help me so much during the exam and with all the explanation in the book make me understand well. During exam, my lecturers were asking a lot of questions where all the answers which is written in Dr.Joseph's books. I managed to answer almost all my lecturers questions."
Medical Students / Houseman
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"Thank you MSI for the learning experience and the notes. It helped me a lot in many ways. I am towards final year now and hope things go smoothly."
Medical Students / Houseman
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"MSI's books as well as the Telegram info and discussions have helped me a lot for both my examination and housemanship. Highly recommended for medical students and houseman."